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Monthly pay

Characteristics of the Monthly Accounting

  • Please fill in the following order form – the order form has to be signed or stamped.
  • The order will be registered and you will be given your identification code numberIf not otherwise stated we will start the delivery from the next imported issue.
  • Each of the deliveries will contain a Delivery Note (DN). On each DN you will also find the number of previous DN and in such a way you will be able to check whether you have received all ordered deliveries.
  • Changing your order and making claims is possible by phone - for faster processing, please always remember to mention your identification code number.
  • Change of the delivery address or accounting address is possible only in writing
  • Cancellation of an order can be arranged by phone or in writing (letter, e-mail, fax).
  • Your order is valid until you change or cancel it (“Standing Order”).
  • There are no deposit payments, your monthly invoice (Tax Statement) will be made up on the last day of the month and the amount is counted according to the previous month´s real press deliveries.
  • The invoice includes the Delivery Note specification of items counted there. Invoice claims are acceptable up to 14 days after completion date.
  • The invoice is payable up to 14 days after completion date. In case of a delayed payment we reserve the right to charge you 0.2% for the delinquent amount per day.

Please fill in the attached form and after signing it send it at our address.

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