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Privacy protection

Using any personal data on the web pages of CZ PRESS s. r. o. company is subject to Law No 101/2000 Code about the personal data protection.

Data Collection and Usage

CZ PRESS, s. r. o. is the unique owner of information acquired on this server. Such information is not, and will not be, sold, hired or shared in other ways with other subjects in other ways than agreed here.


To be able to use some selected server functions ( e.g. forum, members section, etc.) the user has to get through the registration procedure first. During that registration procedure they have to provide their contact personal data (esp. names and e-mail address). If not stated in other ways, such information serves as a contact data to the user and their information about new services, which they are interested in. The user can provide further data (not obligatory), which help to improve the server services.


On the Order Form we ask the users about information, which serve as a contact for the ordered goods and services delivery or the payment of respective amount. In case of any delivery problems such information enables the contact to the customer as well.

News/ New Goods Info

Users are sent (if they ask for) information bulletins, which contain news in CZ PRESS offer and their aim is to draw client‘ s attention to up-to-date content or services.

Polls and Competitions

From time to time we ask our clients for information through competitions or polls. Their presence is completely voluntary. Our main aim is the data collection of demographic nature and collection of contact data. All acquired information is used for monitoring your satisfaction and your needs, which should lead to better quality and larger range of our services provided. Collected contact data are used for communication with competition members when announcing the results.

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